Mango is a beautiful girl (DOB April 2010), and used to be a guard for a factory. She got abandoned in a pet hospital by her owner because she lost one leg in a car accident. Due to finance reasons, the hospital couldn't keep her longer, so they wanted to euthanize her instead. The rescuer helps many stray cats in the community for many years. She is a frequent customer at the at the hospital where Mango was boarding.
The hospital staff were sad about what will happen to Mango so they informed the rescuer to come and help.


The first time the rescuer saw her, she was so calm and mellow, not aggressive at all. She seized the rescuer's affection immediately. So the rescuer and her friend decided to take her away from death.
Now they are fostering her in another location temporarily and hope she could find a reliable and willing family who could take good care of her.
Mango has been vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and given her rabies shot. She is healthy and having 3 legs does not hinder her from being a 'normal' dog!!

Can you help?

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