Xiao Bai's story.......

Xiao Bai's story.......
Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Tue Dec 08, 2009 @ 02:29AM
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....I was abandoned by my owner...no idea where they disappeared to. How long?....I think it was a couple of months ago now, I am not sure, but it felt like I've been outside for such a long time. I have to admit, there were some people who were quite friendly towards me but many who were hostile. It's strange and frustrating that people out there freak out when they see a 'stray dog'...I used to live in a home, I used to have parents, I am a domesticated animal, just because I live outside, without food, water and shelter, I am a nuisance for some. I believe I am a friendly dog. I get along well with other animal peers as I have many compound cat friends, so many of them here and I even want to try and play with other people's dogs, they don't allow it. I just couldn't tolerate the abuse or people not being friendly towards me, hence I didn't trust anyone and would run away if someone tried to get close........till these rescuers came.

For the past few weeks, this lady came by nearly everyday and gave me food and water.
A nice individual who had a good heart for animals. She had a dog of her own.....a cute Pomeranian that she dresses up!
I sometimes let her pet me, but as I mentioned from above, I did not trust anyone, so I ran once in a while.
Anyway, last week Sunday, a saw a 'new face'. He must have been that lady's friend. He seemed prepared as he gave me lots of meat sausages and soft dog food. Delicious!
He played with me and I let him pet me too and I felt OK with this man, however, he wanted to try and catch me. I knew that as he was trying to place a collar around my neck. No way!....I may be a stray but I knew exactly what he was trying to do. I have to give them credit though as they stayed with me for a long time......
I saw the man leave eventually and the lady kept visiting me at my 'usual' spot at the back of the community garden during the week.

The last Sunday just gone, I saw the man again. He started mixing some dry and soft dog food with meat sausage in a container.....Smelt so good....I was starving. The man started petting me, played with me and started taking photos of me and my friend Ginger the cat.
Xiao Bai
Xiao Bai & Ginger
Then the lady came and gave the man a box or a cage of some sort...placed the delicious food inside and sat next to the cage/box.
What is this man doing? Anway, the food smelt divine that I had to eat and go in that contraption. I was wary and had my back end out and tried reaching for the food bowl inside the cage...it was dark in there but could not resist the smell of the food. Whilst I was eating, I felt the man petting me and I had to back out again. This went on and on for at least 45 minutes. I had no idea what he was going to do. I just wanted to eat.
All of a sudden, I felt a big push from behind and I was inside the cage! The man tricked me!
I did not freak out. I turned around and the man offered his hand and the meat sausage and was aplogizing. He started saying that they were still my friend and will not do anything to hurt me......fair enough. I licked his hand to acknowledge.
The man and the lady took me to the vet afterwards. The doctor checked me and apparently I am healthy!
They gave me a bath, clipped my nails, cleaned my ears, dewormed, deflead and gave me a vaccination shot. I feel like a new dog!

Xiao Bai with the groomers

I am now safe, I have a roof over my head, being fed 2 to 3 times a day and the man/lady is visiting me every so often. I am thankful that they saved me as the residents where I used to hang out was going to call the Dog Police.......
I think they are going to try and find me a permanent home. I hope so as I am really a nice dog. A little scared and skittish, but what do you expect? If I earn your trust, then you can certainly earn mine......

The rescuerThe lady rescuer

Comments: 4


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3. Sarah   |   Fri Dec 08, 2017 @ 08:17PM

I bet no one would have thought from the perspective of a dog about their life. And on an average, this would be the story every pet dog would have got to share. There are dog owners who mercilessly abandon their pet when they are ill or gets old.

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