Animal Adoption Procedure

Animal Adoption Procedure
Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Thu Nov 19, 2009 @ 12:28AM
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Animal Adoption Procedure

1.       All our animals available for adoption unfortunately had bad experiences living on the streets due to being abandoned or being abused. With the help and care from the local rescuer, the animals have recovered. We are seeking potential families who can adopt, have an open and loving heart and who are willing to have a pet for life.

2.       The adopting family has to have a suitable and steady home for the animal. To provide quality care and the financial ability to cover medical costs. It is beneficial for the families to have the knowledge and experience of animal care.

3.       The adopter needs to be aware of the Rules & Regulations of their home country if bringing the animal back. If JAR finds the process of importing the animal back to your home country stringent & difficult, we therefore suggest the family to foster the animal instead. This all depends on the circumstances.

4.       The adopter needs to understand the local Rules & Regulations of the Chinese Government regarding to owning pets. All animals (dogs & cats) must not be kept loose outdoors. All dogs to be walked with a leash at all times!

5.       When JAR has reviewed, assessed and approved the documents for adopting the animal to the potential adopter, the adopter must apply for a dog permit within 10 days.

We require two copies - One copy for the rescuer and one copy for JAR.

We highly recommend the dog to be registered. Failure to comply, the rescuer has the right to have the dog returned.

6.       After confirming which dog/cat the family is interested in, please ensure JAR’S ‘Adopter Information Sheet’ and ‘Animal Information Sheet’ is read thoroughly and filled properly. The ‘Animal Information Sheet’ will entail the animal rescuer’s suggestions, ideas, character of the animal, medical and history of the animal. The ‘Adopter Information Sheet’ is information required about the adopter and generalization. It is important that everyone involved (including the Ayi) is to be educated on how the animal is treated.

7.       When the animals reach their mature age, we advise having the animal spayed/neutered at an authorized Veterinary Hospital.

8.       We suggest all adopters to keep medical records of the animal. Follow the schedule every year for the animals permit (dogs only), vaccinations, and its standard health check.

9.       Please note, due to majority of our animals were abandoned and have been traumatized, they will have various bad habits (eating, not housetrained etc). We urge you to please be patient, determined and committed to these ‘once’ homeless animals. Help them lead a new life and merge with your family. Build up of trust and confidence will not only be rewarding for the dog, but also for all the family.

10.   If in any reason the adopter has any issues, circumstances changed or cannot fulfill and carry on with the adoption, JAR & the rescuer must be notified.

Please DO NOT search for potential families and try to adopt the animal by yourself.

Thank you for your co-operation.

JAR Adoption Procedures

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