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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Wed Feb 10, 2010 @ 02:30AM
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To Whom it May Concern,

I lost a small white and brown dog yesterday.

I live on Taikang Lu and she was last seen on Shanxi Lu and Jianguo Lu.

Could you please let me know if you have seen any dogs like this, or if you have any advice for how to continue to search for her? I have attached a couple of photos. Her name is Tilly and she is just over 1 year old.

Thank you for any help you can offer.


Jordan l. Jeansonne
+1 917 691 0711 (new york mobile)
+86 150 2108 8594 (shanghai mobile)
Lost Pet - Tilly
Lost Pet - Tilly

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Fri Feb 05, 2010 @ 01:20AM
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Bai Long Gang PupsBai Long Gang PupsMother of all pups!Bai Long Gang Pups
Please meet the 'Bai Long Gang' gang!
The puppies are approx 6 weeks old (black/white is a female and the other two are males).
They were living under a wood pile in the village near the Shanghai American School (Pudong). A couple of people have been taking care of them (feeding the mother, sometimes taking them inside of their home). The people were greatful that we are going to find the dogs permanent homes and our intentions to have their well being and health on par.
We rescued the mother and her pups with the help of one teacher at SAS (who heads the 'Animal Rescue Project Group' in SAS) and took them to the vet. The mother has been spayed and vaccinated, whilst the pups have been dewormed and vaccinated. Overall, they have been given a clean bill of health!
Thanking the family who are supporting us as they are going to adopt one (Lily) and foster the other two (Jake & Milo)
Family with the pups!rescuer with pups!Bai Long Gang Pups!adorable!!!

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Mon Feb 01, 2010 @ 12:33PM
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Globy Pet & Animal Relocation
Simply stated, Globy Pet Relocation is in the business of relocating family pets. In fact, we have been relocating family pet door to door worldwide since 2001. Our entire staffs of experienced professionals are delicate to providing you and your clients and their pets with highest level of service possible at a very competitive price. Just inform us and let us do the rest!

Our personalized, all inclusive door to door service includes, but is not limited to pick up at home, making all the flight arrangements, import & export permit, blood test arrangements, customs clearances, providing airline approved sky kennels if needed, worldwide boarding and vet services, obtaining all necessary health documentation and permits, arranging quarantine if required.

We will advise you and your clients as to latest requirements health certificate and vaccination as well as any import or export documentation requirements and quarantine information for overseas destinations.

We can also arrange for boarding of the pets anywhere in the world for as long as required while the client's household goods are in transit.

We also offer local, regional and long distance ground transportation services for family pets if required.

We handle more than 300 pets per year both import and export and also experienced to export pets to Europe, United States and Australia.

We are the member of IPATA (The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International, Inc) and AATA (Animal Transportation Association) in USA. My company also serving on IPATA's Board of Director.

Globy Pet Relocation has achieved ISO 9001:2000 SGS, certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), demonstrating Globy Pet long-standing commitment to quality-of-service standards and customer satisfaction.

For enquiries please E-mail :

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Sun Jan 31, 2010 @ 09:59AM
Comments: 1 temporary look after these beautiful cats! Please contact us if you can help or know of anyone who can! Thank you!!
Foster me?

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Wed Jan 27, 2010 @ 06:47AM
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EATING cats and dogs might result in a 15-day detention, according to a draft of a new anti-animal abuse law that has rekindled an old controversy on the Internet.
The draft also stipulates that people who eat cats and dogs should be fined as much as 5,000 yuan (US$732) and restaurants found offering cats and dogs on menus fined as much as 500,000 yuan.
The main advocate of the law, Chang Jiwen, said the draft could help break down trade barriers imposed on China's animal products, such as leather and fur.
Some Western countries are banning imports of Chinese animal products, citing inhumane treatment to animals in the country.
Chang told Beijing News that he was confident the National People's Congress, China's parliament, would pass the law within 10 years. He said the draft will soon be finished and sent to authorities for revision this April.
Chang said the committee in charge of drafting the law has received more than 400 phone calls and 300 e-mails commenting on the proposal. Most of them agreed with the necessity of such a statute.
He said banning cats and dogs from dining tables would not influence people's daily life.
Other than exporters of animal products, cat and dog lovers applauded the draft.
Animal lovers took to the street in several protests last year to urge local governments to stop people from eating cats and dogs.
Several animal-protection groups have occasionally ambushed trucks sending bamboo cages filled with cats to south China's Guangdong Province, where people have a taste for unusual ingredients.
Yet in a survey conducted on a news Web portal, 63 percent of 23,000 total voters said the draft law is not practical.
Opponents argued that the law is designed only to pander to Western values. They noted that dog meat is eaten in several Asian countries, including China and South Korea, as an historic cuisine.
Cat meat is an important ingredient in a noted Cantonese soup originating in Guangdong. Dog meat hot pot is considered a nutritious food in winter in some places of the country.
Others said stray cats are getting out of control, roaming in many cities, and have become a great nuisance to people as they defecate in gardens and garages and make terrible noises at night.
During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, all official Olympic restaurants were ordered to take dog meat off the menu to avoid offending foreign visitors.

** source: Shanghai Daily **

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Sat Jan 23, 2010 @ 05:10AM
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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Sun Jan 17, 2010 @ 09:41AM
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3 dogs adopted today (2 on trial adoption)
Thanking those who attended and given support!
JAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption Day
JAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption Day
JAR - Adoption DayJAR - Adoption Day
JAR Adoption DayJAR Adoption DayJAR Adoption DayJAR Adoption DayJAR Adoption DayJAR Adoption Day

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Wed Jan 13, 2010 @ 02:48AM
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Buddy Dog - Training & Boarding

You can be assured that they will take care of your pet and take pride in running the facility.

"your Love is our Care"

BuddyDog Training & Boarding School

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Mon Jan 11, 2010 @ 05:01PM
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Look out for March's issue on That's Shanghai / Urbanatomy magazine!

JAR'S article in Metrozine

That's Shanghai

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Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Thu Dec 31, 2009 @ 09:20AM
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We at JAR - Jaiya's Animal Rescue would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! All the very best for 2010!

Thank you for all the kindness and support given! May the New Year be better!

Happy New Year from JAR

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