'Bai Long Gang' Gang!

'Bai Long Gang' Gang!
Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Fri Feb 05, 2010 @ 01:20AM
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Bai Long Gang PupsBai Long Gang PupsMother of all pups!Bai Long Gang Pups
Please meet the 'Bai Long Gang' gang!
The puppies are approx 6 weeks old (black/white is a female and the other two are males).
They were living under a wood pile in the village near the Shanghai American School (Pudong). A couple of people have been taking care of them (feeding the mother, sometimes taking them inside of their home). The people were greatful that we are going to find the dogs permanent homes and our intentions to have their well being and health on par.
We rescued the mother and her pups with the help of one teacher at SAS (who heads the 'Animal Rescue Project Group' in SAS) and took them to the vet. The mother has been spayed and vaccinated, whilst the pups have been dewormed and vaccinated. Overall, they have been given a clean bill of health!
Thanking the family who are supporting us as they are going to adopt one (Lily) and foster the other two (Jake & Milo)
Family with the pups!rescuer with pups!Bai Long Gang Pups!adorable!!!

Comments: 1


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